Banner Blindness – Don’t Believe All You Hear

Banner blindness was introduced as a term by the people who wanted to make you believe Google Adsense was the only way ahead. It is indeed a good way to earn money, until Google chooses to shut you down. But there is a far better way. The key to success is placing RELEVANT ad banners for your audience.

Whether you choose Amazon ads or other relevant banners, the key is relevance. Once you bring ads for things that are interesting for your readers, you are matching needs with opportunity.

This is Marketing 101.

On an advanced level it must also be emphasized that quality is important. You don’t want ClickBank ads for products for which there is a high level of returns and disputes. You want the items you present to be of a good quality so you are sure your readers get high value for money.

Everyone hates to buy a lousy product. You all know this, so why should it be any different for people who look to your blog for a good offer.

We all know the sentiment. We search for something using either Google and Bing, but when we land on a specific page it turns out you have landed on an over-optimized website with the right keyword density to land in the famous top-10 in search results, but the site is worthless. Will you visit again? Chances are you won’t.

This is where we need to be reminded that our subconsciousness remembers names. Once disappointed, people won’t be back, so you have a lot to loose – or A LOT TO GAIN by being both honest and quality-oriented.

Remember this when you want to optimize your website or blog once you want to begin earning money online. You have to be just as focused, attentive towards your readers’ needs and alert towards any attempt to cheat you for a quick buck. I always go back and check products and names – not by clicking the ad, but by checking up on names and products. Whenever an author I may have recommended turns sour, I take my precautions. I suggest you do the same. It PAYS to be honest.

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