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Article Marketing – Be Inspired By Some Stats

When it comes to article marketing it is my hope that today’s article can inspire you, and therefore I have chosen to include some stats for you to consider where to put in some effort in the year ahead. 2011 is almost over, but if you get active now, 2012 can be your best-selling year […]

Become Financially Free Again

The blog Become Financially Free Again ties in so well with this blog. It is a fact of life that it’s easy to adapt to more money coming in, but what about the costs of living?

Joke of the Week

The blog Joke of the Week attempts to add the very best jokes to this blog. I come across quite a lot of jokes each day, but many of them are not that funny. Therefore, the idea came to me that it would be nice to have high quality jokes collected in ONE blog that […]

World Politics 101

My blog World Politics 101 has undergone some changes. In the beginning it was created when I felt very clearly that Hillary Clinton should NOT win the Presidency. I was an avid supporter of Barack Obama for that office. Now, focus has changed, and the blog deals with world politics in general.

Mafia Wars Game on Facebook

The second blog I maintain is a blog about the Mafia Wars Game on Facebook, and deals with all crime-related games such as also Mob Wars, Crime City and many other fun ways you can enjoy fun when logged into Facebook.

France – Travelling to France

On my blog France – Travelling to France I tell people about everything involved in being a tourist in France, owning a home in France and current events about France.

Generate More Traffic Using Hubpages

In continuation of my hubpage asking the question: “Is There a Future in Hubbing?” there is a good method to generate even more traffic using Hubpages.

You Have The Traffic You Deserve – Get More Traffic

When all comes to all, you currently have the traffic you deserve, but there are ways to get more traffic. You have heard it all before: announce your blog posts on social media. But is that the only way to get more traffic? Of course not! When you want more traffic to your blogs, the […]

Article Marketing Works!

People have asked, in e-mails, whether article marketing works. I feel people need an answer, and I want to share my reply with all you dear readers. I touched on the subject in my article “Article Marketing Secrets“, and if you didn’t read that article, just click the title. The article will open in a […]

Focus On Your Specific Niche

When it comes to the subject of earning money online some commit the mistake of not focusing on any specific niche. They want to hit a general public – and consequently they end up lost in a multitude of blogs. Often, such people wonder why they are not succesful in their endeavours. Many end up […]