No Wonder Internet Marketing Has a Bad Name

The lengths to which some Internet marketers will go to earn a buck proves it’s no wonder Internet Marketing has a bad name. Some e-mails are really too stupid to be even believable. Sorry for being so blunt, but I MUST speak my mind on this. When I get an e-mail from a person who wants to tell me it’s no problem earning money WITHOUT any website, WITHOUT any list, WITHOUT any previous knowledge, and that guy promises thousands of dollars within just hours of buying his report… That is TOO stupid a claim to make.

Let me tell you why. Let’s do the math. 🙂

Even if you had a Facebook group that got a hundred new members per day, you would be LUCKY to have 10 sales in a week. It’s common knowledge that when you send out e-mails average buying rates range from 1-2%. So if you were just starting, a 1,5% success rate would be fine.

It IS true, however, that established names – people from whom you HAVE bought good products – WILL often achieve a way higher percentage based on their track record. But when you’re just starting to build a name online you will be met by skepticism. People want to know WHO you are before they take their Visas out of their wallets.

So people who want to make you believe that by reading ten lines of an e-mail, clicking a link, and buying your product will earn you thousands of dollars within mere hours of reading the report are playing on your naïveté. It can’t be said any other way.

Building credibility online takes time, and though it IS true you CAN earn money online, the amount of work required before you get there needs to be mentioned. So many people are disillusioned by false hopes, and I certainly hope all my dear readers have appreciated the advice they have been shown here on this blog for free. You CAN earn a good income online, but you MUST be ready to do the work involved before you will see the results so many succesful internet marketers have already demonstrated.

So get to work, and stay with valuable tools that work. This is the reason why the only place success comes before work is in a dictionary. 🙂

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