Scared of Something Good?

You might wonder about the title “Scared of Something Good?”, but there is a logical explanation. Here it goes…

What would you say if I had discovered something AMAZINGLY GOOD and I only described it in mediocre terms? You would lose interest quicker than a horse could run a steeplechase, wouldn’t you? Likewise when something is REALLY BAD, should I make excuses for a person releasing a bad product at an all too high price? Both reactions would be off-base compared with the product at hand.

Well, in Denmark many get scared when you praise a product. Skepticism causes many to believe you’re just praising the product to earn money even though you actually just being enthusiatic.

What’s your opinion about emotions? Do they scare you or have you learned to use it effectively in your business. Let me hear what you think… Thanks beforehand. 🙂

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