Some Nasty Comments

A person calling himself “timelooser” wrote: “what a bullshit website is this !”
What would YOU call that type of comment? Constructive or in any way worth taking seriously? I think not!

Let’s realize one very important thing: comments should be constructive – not personal throw-ups from an anonymous standpoint. I greatly value the input of people willing to stand up for their opinions, but I fail to see any relevance in people making nasty comments solely for the purpose of criticizing. If there was anything the rest of us could have learned that would have been much greater fun for all os us. 🙂

Update May 13th, 2018: We should all realize that negative people have issues, some of them deep-rooted, and wasting time considering how you can help is useless. They will never accept any help because in their view there is nothing wrong with their perception of their surroundings. So my best advice is to focus on the positive at all times. That will get you a whole lot further than trying to help people who don’t want that help…

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