Why PPC Ads Are Suffering

At a time when the crisis is hitting many businesses, it’s rather logical that some PPC ads are suffering considerably. PPC meaning Pay Per Click. Behind every ad you need income to create a turnover. Some have recently asked on Twitter and in other social networks whether it was “okay” to encourage clicks. It NEVER is!

Listen, to have a good effect ads may only be clicked by people who ARE interested in the products offered. Google for instance made changes so that only the link itself was clickable. Headlines could be misunderstood and were therefore disabled from clicks.

Furthermore, many have begun building niche blogs around high paying keywords. That will never work. A blog must be motivated by interest – never what the fad of the week is. It is a fact that blogs begin earning you money after weeks of good content. It is the accumulated effect of every article that ads up into both pageranks and positions on search engines.

When searching for earning money online on Google you get 48.2 million hits. A position as number 21 is okay in that market. After all, what could you expect in a market where some cheat? They link to one another in an effort to make a quick buck. When that money doesn’t come in, they give up. When their sites disappear the rest of us climb the stairs all the way to the top because we never employed any of the indecent techniques that COULD have been used.

So whenever you want to monetize your blog stay with good content, serious comments and facts. That way you will build good readership that keep coming back for more. It’s the only way that REALLY WORKS.

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