Action vs. Procrastination

Today, we’re going to look at taking action versus the art of procrastination. What is “procrastination”, you might ask. Fair question — certainly one that needs answering.

To procrastinate is to delay action. You want to look at something tomorrow, next week, next month. Tomorrow never comes with people who procrastinate.

What’s the cure for procrastination?
Well, taking action is the only cure that really works. You will never get out of your mess by delaying cleaning up, and you will never achieve success online by keeping that exciting e-book on your hard drive. You must read it on your screen, or print it so you can make notes and take immediate action as you’re inspired to put your new knowledge into practice.

So, on a personal note, how much have YOU taken action upon the content of this blog? Are you a procrastinator?

I wish all would take action and get cured for this tendency so you could begin IMPLEMENTING the good advice you’re being given. I want YOU to become succesful, but have you got the COURAGE to take action so it can become a reality instead of only a dream?

Carpe diem. 🙂

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