Stop Nagging

Marriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines nagging in this way:

  1. to find fault incessantly : complain
  2. to be a persistent source of annoyance or distraction
  3. to irritate by constant scolding or urging
  4. badger, worry

Do you know anny naggers? Are you irritated by pessimism? Or, even worse, could YOU be a nagger?

These questions are meant to be personal. It should be highly important to each of us to know more about how we are perceived. When you try to communicate with others you should be UPLIFTING to your audience. You should ENCOURAGE those around you into action. Motivation is far better than any type of threat and you should learn how to bring about positive results.

If you want to increase your online income you NEED to examine yourself. Could you be more positive in the way you write, speak and talk with others? Could you make an extra effort – even when something fairly fundamental needs a third explanation to come across.

Be patient and appreciate your talents. It makes it much easier to SHARE. 🙂

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