Following on Twitter, Blog — Or Both?

Have you noticed the difference between following friends through RSS from blogs and from Twitter? There are people who are good at using Twitter, and you enjoy reading what they write. But there are also people who write excellent blog posts but can’t quite adapt to the format of Twitter.

Twitter can be quite a challenge. You only have 140 characters, and it can be challenging to get it all into that Tweet and staying within this limit. Once you get accustomed to this, it becomes REAL FUN. As those of you who follow me on Twitter will already know, I am currently reading Twitter Power by Joel Comm. It’s a very good and inspiring book on the subject. Not just from an internet marketing perspective but also when viewed as indeed a media where success is not just seen in the number of followers, but in what IMPACT you have online.

Some have thousands of followers, but this is no guarantee that your Tweets are being read. It’s only when you have hard-hitting messages that ARE being read by people who follow their Twitter accounts through RSS that you have an impact beyond just being indexed. You MUST examine the way you communicate on Twitter to become more powerful.

Be Personal
The best way to have an impact is being PERSONAL in your writing style. Be sure you always direct your thoughts to what really interests your audience. If all you have is sales talk noone is going to listen, but when you provide value in everything you write you get good results in return.

Stay tuned for more tips about keeping people focused. 🙂

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