Arrogance or Insecurity?

I am going to show you some quotes from one internet marketer from Twitter, and let you decide what to think about this person’s Tweets:

There are people who use Twitter religiously and those who fit it in naturally. I am in the latter category. Not judging anyone. [Feb 26th]

a review on would be superb 🙂 [Feb 27th]
Go read the reviews on Amazon. I’ll let other readers “sell” you on it 🙂 [same day]

I think every Twitter user should own Twitter Power, don’t you? Let’s see. 6 million copies sold? That’d be cool. [Feb 27th]

Anyone who whines and complains about being unfollowed by me confirms my suspicions that unfollowing was the right move. [Feb 28th]

This person also wrote this without saying what it was all about:

Someone is trying to get attention by continually referencing me in their tweet. I may eventually give in to their cry for help. [Feb 28th]

Arrogance, Insecurity or “Fun”?
By now many of you will have guessed that we are talking about Joel Comm. I am in a bit of a bind here, because I thoroughly LOVE his books The Adsense Code and Adsense Secrets 4.0. These two books were AMAZING to read, and I made a considerable rise in income from reading these. His next two books Click Here to Order and Twitter Power have ALSO been ordered, a few days ago, from Amazon.

What annoys me is the “others do it the wrong way. I do it the right way” with the added comment: “not judging anyone”. Well he is, was and continues to do so. Just as I will evaluate strong and weak points in any type of communication when people come to me.

In similar ways, it’s fine to ask people for a certain behaviour, but would be arrogant of me to demand that they follow what I recommend. I choose to use “Follow” and “unfollow” in cases where I disagree too strongly and leave it up to others to do the same.

But branding just by creating division is, in my honest opinion, just like when Korah rose against Moses (Numbers 16). Now, there is nothing wrong with good questions for clarification, but when you move over to provoke other people’s reactions it gets a bit annoying. Especially when using reverse psychology to get a reaction…

Finally, you SHOULD read his books. He IS a good author writer. You should, however, be careful when you follow his Tweets. He can get somewhat annoying at times, but then again it’s good to discuss freely in a democracy. Judge for yourself by seeing his Tweets over at You will regularly get links to his books so I will let you get them over there.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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