You Wouldn’t Believe It Anyway…

I have heard many interesting questions during my life, and one of them came from a good friend a few days ago. He asked me about one of my recent e-books on the subject of earning money online (in Danish: “Tjen penge online“), and he said: “But you haven’t become a millionaire, have you?”

The answer is “No, I haven’t.”

But why do you need to become a millionaire before it’s fun and enjoyable to earn extra cash? Couldn’t you use some extra cash for your summer vacation? Couldn’t you use some extra cash for your holidays whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah or some other religious holidays?

In this time of crisis extra income has required a bit more creativity as I have indicated with the decrease in Adsense income. Even if I told you a factual income for my Adsense income, you probably wouldn’t believe it any way. Even if I admitted that 85% of my Adsense income came AFTER I read Joel Comm’s book “The Adsense Code” and his subsequent e-book “Adsense Secrets 4.0”, you probably wouldn’t believe that either….

People who know me, know I have a saying which is:

Skepticism is healthy, but exaggerated skepticism is paranoia in disguise
In Danish: “Skepsis er sundt, men overdreven skepsis er skjult paranoia”

If I told you one of my best investment was indeed the $24.99 – now $16.47 at Amazon – for The Adsense Code, and the $9.95 I paid for the e-book “Adsense Secrets 4.0” (which you can nowadays get for free by clicking the title), many would call me naïve when I told you I just doubled my investment by adding Twitter Power and Click Here to Order to my library. Calling me that would be caused by your skepticism whereas I see it as pure logic. I have never been disppointed by any of Joel’s books, so why shouldn’t I buy them? They are worth every cent — and more…

When I tell you Adsense is only a fraction of the income accumulated you begin to listen. There are banners, link exchanges, article writting for others, translations and much more than just the obvious elements in online income. Direct income is one thing — related income another. Just as is indeed the passive income involved in many of these activities. But even though you begin to listen, you might still not believe it, and that is when you need to take off your mantle of skepticism and begin IMPLEMENTING what we all tell you about.

That is when you begin to believe what you’re told. Making an online income IS possible, and you could begin by watching my video recorded yesterday afternoon as a thank you to Amazon for good shipping and wishing you all a happy weekend. 🙂

Carpe diem. 🙂

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