Three Reasons to Blog – and One Reason You Won’t Suceed If You Fail to Listen

Blogs can be used for many things. You can sell other people’s products. You can earn money from advertising on your blog, and you may even earn review money from products people want you to comment on. But wait a minute. Before you reach that third level, you need ONLINE CREDIBILITY. People only need your opinion when you have established you CAN be trusted.

The first level, selling other people’s products is what you will already have heard as affiliate marketing. You earn a percentage of the sales you make. Let’s say you are a big boy or a big lady. You advertise banners for clothes for big people. That is one way of earning money – either from banner ads or by writing about that special outlet where people can buy new clothes.

You can combine income sources – as I have previously described in the article “Don’t Put All Eggs Into One Basket” which I wrote about four years ago. 🙂

Once you HAVE established a name for yourself, people will want YOUR opinion. They want this because it adds to THEIR credibility.

But the one thing that can ruin the entire process is IF you ever write something UNtrue. Don’t ever lie! If you do, you will only get ONE sale. Disappointed customers NEVER come back.

And this point IS important to mention because you must think before you hit the Publish button.

Furthermore, you must consider income as only a small part of the fun of blogging. Some focus on sales within the first week, but – when truth must be told – you CAN concentrate on long-term sales also. I have written a few articles on the subject of divorce, and these articles linked to an e-book that helps people avoid divorce. If I had sold these articles to another person, I would have earned only 1/5th of the income I have accumulated over months…

So, patience is important. Remember good articles STAY online for months and even years, so your online exposure CAN multiply when you focus on quality rather than some dirty trick to play a search engine before all others.

These rules MUST be remembered:

  • Blog because you LIKE to blog
  • Blog effectively by being the best in your niche
  • Don’t Ever Compromise
  • Stay credible – always

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