Plugin Quality – Maintaining High Standards of WordPress

It is very annoying indeed to see the falling quality of some WordPress plugins. One example is the Broken Link Checker that doesn’t always work all that well with updated versions of WordPress. In fact, it works so poorly that it causes an overflow somewhere in the entire system causing the entire blog to be down.

Costing money – costing visitors – costing goodwill. Perhaps even causing some to think I was a complete amateur…

I think I checked the blog after updating yesterday, but I do admit I may not have hit F5 to refresh from the cache in the browser.

Therefore, remember to check your blog whenever you add or update any of your plugins. You may have to get in using your FTP-client to delete the plugin directly under the \content\plugins library to get full control of your blog again. But at least you won’t lose too many visitors by doing so.

This blog remains active, so have no worries if it’s ever down for a couple of minutes. But do subscribe to feeds using RSS so you’re sure you won’t ever miss any new articles – and hopefully today’s short article was also helpful for your own blogging experience.

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