WordPress Zero To Guru In No Time

You can start from scratch with WordPress when you get a hold of these marvelous 13 videos that will explain everything in straight forward lessons. Subjects covered are:

  1. Installation Of WordPress
  2. Configuring WordPress
  3. Picking A Theme
  4. Uploading Themes
  5. Customise Your Theme
  6. WordPress Settings
  7. Protection Against Spam
  8. How To Get Indexed In Minutes
  9. Monetizing Your Blog
  10. Backing Up Your Blog
  11. Socialising WordPress
  12. More Plugins
  13. Even More Plugins

WordPress Demystified or WordPress Unleashed IS the best title for this collection because it truly delivers on the promise of explaining what WordPress blogging is all about. See the product for yourself on this webpage: http://www.blunck.dk/recommends/wordpress-unleashed/.

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