Want to Know More About WordPress?

If you are like most bloggers who want to get started with their own domain, you probably have quite a few questions about the WordPress blogging software. Well, you have come to the right place, because I have used WordPress for many years, and I share knowledge about the system with all who are ready to listen and learn more.

I have previously written articles that were available on EzineArticles. I left their article database service when I discovered that my articles – in fact all users’ – were combined with NoFollow tags on links. After my deleting all 300+ articles, my search engine performance has IMPROVED tremendously.

I would recommend you check the video series WordPress Unleashed which contains much of this in video format, and you will get a good grasp of how to monetize your domain using WordPress – and the series is also relevant even if you are ‘just’ a blogger. It’s not just about monetization, but a good overview of features in WordPress.

I plan on writing quite a few articles on this blog on the many features of WordPress I have recently found, and since we have now reached version 4.9.5, there are quite a few goodies that could be built into a mini series with half a dozen top-notch articles.

So if you have any questions about using WordPress, you are more than welcome to ask your question in the comments field. I would be more than happy to answer anyquestion you might have. 🙂

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