New Methods of Marketing

We need to realize one very important element in the growth of new technologies: new methods of marketing have become needed now that things travel the earth in literally minutes. Things that worked a few years ago are far LESS effective today, and a whole new way of writting sales letters has become trendy — and apparently effective.

Personally, I find sales pages with repetitions to be a pain in the backside. But I will have to admit that they WORK. That’s the important criterion for any sales letter. Does it sell? Fine. If it doesn’t sell, try again

Likewise, announcing things on Facebook and Twitter is effective when you have an attentive audience. It’s the one thing that separates boys from real men in internet marketing. Boys want followers, real men want an interested audience, because they realize it’s a paying audience.

But there’s an even more effective tool, often overlooked by many, and that’s theme pages — so-called Hubpages on the Hubpages network. When I decided to resell the “Preventing a Divorce” e-book, I created a hubpage entitled “What You Need to Know About Marriage to Avoid Divorce“. It still brings people over to my sales page, and converts very well. It’s relevant for people facing tough times in their marriages, and therefore is a good example of new methods of marketing.

So do create your own hubpages on similar topics, and begin bringing in some real money. Good luck. 🙂

PS: Welcome to link to your new hubpages when you became inspired by this article…

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