Certified B.S.

I have heard the absolute certified B.S. [B.S. = BullShit] when I heard an internet marketer talk of becoming a certified internet marketer… Have you heard anything as RIDICULOUS?

In the world of internet marketing the ONE and ONLY thing that counts is BRINGING IN GOOD RESULTS. This is the best form of certification you could ever get. You don’t need any “formal” training to become a good salesman. Au contraire. You might find that people who TEACH are often the people who bring in the LEAST results…

People who know me, know that I am a great fan of the kitchen guru Gordon Ramsay. He runs Hell’s Kitchen, and in that series he was confronted with a lady who had spent years teaching how to cook. She was the most p*ssed off lady you could find, ’cause each time her lacking experience caused her to fail, she got even more mad than before. Her attitude was bad. She probably would have been well versed in THEORIES, but her PRACTICAL SKILLS left much to be desired.

It is exactly the same in internet marketing. Noone could ever teach you what you need to know to bring in good results. You either have talent for salesmanship or you don’t.

Stop kidding yourself about worthless courses with a label such as “certified”…. It’s pure hogwash.

What you CAN be presented with are decent offers and valuable products, but whether you can turn a PLR product into a sale depends SOLELY UPON YOUR OWN EFFORTS.

I won’t certifiy anything, but I will guarantee that by following MY blog you will get the best results. I only write when I have something important to tell you. The rest of the time is left for yourself to put what you learn into practice. How you do it is your choice. There is no “certified” way, so the best way is to do it YOUR way. 🙂

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