Top Ten Earning Money Online Myths Debunked

I want to prove to you today that the top ten earning money online myths can be debunked. These myths stem from people who THINK they know about online income generation, yet fail to provide for you the simple FACTS that govern the process of getting an idea forward to the actual sale of either an infoproduct, a software tool, a video course or whatever else you want to sell.

It IS possible to earn money online. I will show you exactly HOW this is possible by debunking the top ten myths and bringing you instead ten FACTS you can use to start your own business TODAY.

  1. Myth: I need a domain before I can earn money onlineFact: Wrong. You could create a blog on for FREE.
  2. Myth: I don’t know anything that could benefit othersFact: Wrong. We all have special knowledge, and knowing something specific about cod fishing could be your special niche that could make your blog unique. Investigate the competition and build your own niche.
  3. Myth: I don’t know much about webdesign, so how could I begin?Fact: When you use WordPress you hardly need any previous knowledge. Everything is point and click and just as easy to use as any word processing system. Try it. It’s much easier than many people believe.
  4. Myth: I’m not a good writer, so why bother?Fact: Don’t belittle yourself. Everyone begins from different positions in writing skills, but we can all improve. Look around you. Many bloggers do spelling errors and other mistakes, so why would you be expected to do much better? It’s good to avoid spelling errors, but when mistakes happen people are very forgiving. When your content is the best, spelling and grammar is much less important.
  5. Myth: Blog articles must be of a specific length. I’m not sure I can write that long articlesFact: It’s wrong. Regular blogging with good and solid content is way better than writing long articles without any value. Keep up your blogging speed, and you’re well on your way towards becoming succesful.
  6. Myth: You can’t really earn anything from blogging. It’s a myth… — Fact: You couldn’t be more wrong… When you compare working for your boss with blogging, you only get one salary for one hour of work. When you blog you accumulate clicks on banner ads and Adsense ads all the way back to the first article you write. Furthermore, when all content builds up your pagerank improves and your traffic grows. When you accumulate all that it becomes quite an interesting business. People who kept blogging KNOW this.
  7. Myth: People don’t read blogs. — Fact: That is most definitely wrong. Actually people read far less static pages, and have begun following blogs as never before. Traffic statistics prove this.
  8. Myth: I don’t have time to blog. — Fact: You’re wrong. In the beginning it’s true that it might take longer to write articles, but as you proceed, the process picks up momentum, and you begin building as you go along
  9. Myth: I don’t know anything about Adsense, so it would take years before I could begin to see money in my account…Fact: You could begin for FREE by downloading Joel Comm’s e-book “Adsense Secrets“. It will tell you how to get started, and you can have that e-book on your printer in a matter of minutes if you take action right now.
  10. Myth: I don’t know if I can beat the competition in my niche. — Fact: It’s the beauty with niches. You can co-exist with competitors without having to beat anybody. In fact, when you specialize you get special interest readers, and they are the people who come back day after day for more of your quality content. If you do your best, you’re already beating the competition.

These ten myths are some of the most common reasons why many give up. They could have been succesful but didn’t have the stick-to-itiveness needed to become succesful. Don’t be part of that statistic. Listen and learn from this blog, and you’re well on your way to making a lot of money online.

Carpe diem. Seize the day. 🙂

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