Twitter vs. Facebook — Or Both?

When you ask people about what types of social media they use, you often get a Twitter vs. Facebook explanation that clearly shows they prioritize one over the other. Quite often, they’re stunned when I suggest you use BOTH.

Here’s my explanation for my advice. When you consider Twitter and Facebook they have very different audiences:

  • Twitter — by its very nature, people on Twitter like things to be SHORT and SWEET. They visit their profiles, or read through RSS to get USEFUL information and share information and relationships with one another. It takes very few minutes to check the people you follow through Twitter RSS.
  • Facebook — it’s a much more relaxed audience. They like to share games, experiences and ideas and thoughts – even when doing so could involve several hundred characters. You build similar relationships as you do on Twitter but you do far more in the Facebook universe.

Is One Better Than The Other?
Some internet marketers want you to believe one is more “professional” than the other, but it depends upon your niche. If you’re dealing in niches that fit both audiences, why not seize such an opportunity? It would be stupid to leave money on the table when you have a chance to market to BOTH groups at the same time.

You should never overdo your marketing, but you CAN insert a link or two from time to time in both areas without offending anyone.

Start building relationships on BOTH platforms. Don’t isolate yourself. Be where the opportunities for money are. 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂

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