Important Reasons Why We Blog

This is not a techie article on setting up WordPress, but rather a bit of inspiration to add to your blogging experience.
Why would anyone set up a blog if they don’t know what to put into that blog?
Therefore, let’s review a few key points as to “Why We Blog”…

Have A Purpose

I could also have said you should have a clear subject or theme for your article. At the very least introduce what you’re going to write about to spark an interest. Let’s say you KNOW you have something you really want to bring across but don’t have the time to write right now. What do you do? You could announce it at the end of the blog article you are finishing for a two-fold purpose: firstly, you are reminded of it when you return to your blog and secondly, because generating interest for your message could bring even more visitors to your blog.

Stay On-Topic

If you have more than one theme divide them into two separate articles. You must remember that every article in your blog IS a separate entity. Many misunderstand search engines because they think search engines only take the full site into their database when, in fact, each page is indexed.

So when you’re dealing with one subject (bathing cats) and you are reminded about a better brand of cat food, you should consider waiting with your message on cat food for another article. You could write it the same day, or even postpone the publication of the cat food article for the next day as I have explained in a previous article about using the “Post Timestamp” function you can find in your bottom right hand corner in the WordPress Dashboard (control panel).

Catch Attention In Your Headline

Far too many use far too little time getting their headlines just right. You want to generate attention in the headline to ensure that people will want to read your message.

Of course, I would love it if everyone wrote at Shakespearean levels so everything was equally worthy of major attention, but the fact remains we are all responsible for how we spend our daily dose of twenty-four hours. Sifting through headlines is one way to choose what to read and what not to read…. 😉

Bring Value To Your Blog

Content is king. True indeed, but real value is having quality content that is unique and well-planned. When you introduce new categories in your right hand side list of categories you should have at least three or four good ideas for articles that would be relevant if you want to add that category. Otherwise it won’t be worth adding that specific category.

There is nothing as boring as seeing a blog with 25 categories and only one article within each category – especially when it is sometimes clearly evident that the amount of categories is just a sign of poor planning.

Always Leave An Open Conclusion

Why would you want locked conclusions? Think of it. You can present your own conclusion – in fact, you should do so when you feel passionately about something – but you should make it evident that you are open to debate in your Commentaries.

Believe me: sifting through commentaries could be quite burdensome if you don’t install Akismet (which I will be writting about next week) to sift away the worst in spam comments. The amount of trash people will write just to get a backlink is simply unbelievable. It doesn’t even make sense but just seems like some people have searched for a WordPress blog to leave any comment.

Comments can open our minds to new ideas, and you are always welcome. 🙂

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