Should You Pay To Get More Visitors?

It’s a fair question. Some gurus recommend you not only rely upon search engine rankings to get more visitors. Some recommend you target your audience by selecting low-price keywords to get a good position for a low price in the right hand side of search engine results to generate a steady growth in visitors.
Others would recommend you rely mostly upon good content to generate a good search engine position and thus become an earner yourself before you consider spending money to generate more income.

Who’s Right?

That is a fair question also. One that is difficult to answer, but you can if you come to terms with certain specifics.

One of these is the question of greed. Some of the traffic generating tips seem like “more wanting more” instead of accepting that it could also go the other way around. What do I mean by that? Well, if there was a magic formula that could guarantee that at least 25% of such ads would end up not only as clicks but also as buyers, well, then you could use specific mathematics to say: “I will pay up to twenty cents per click to get the position X for such and such a keyword”.
Such mathematics don’t exist. You can write excellent ads and still end up losing money. Also, some may not be using your free search engine position, but be attracted to your ad thus costing you money when you already had a first or second position in search engine rankings.

Another question is: what do you want to achieve? IF your goal is to let earning money online pay for itself, why would you begin each month by posting money INTO your project when you could just work a bit harder and increase the amount of money coming OUT to you FROM your business?

You are the best one to decide what fits your business but my advice is to stay away from speculation. Stick to what really works and leave speculation to those willing to risk their fortunes. I call it legalized gambling, and I leave guesswork to the others willing to do that.

Some people call me overly careful and that’s okay with me. 🙂

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