What Are The Benefits of Using WordPress?

I have received a couple of mails from people who have wondered why I use WordPress when there are other systems available also.

Actually, that is a very fair question. I could have used different systems for different blogs, but have chosen to use one system. WordPress performs very well with the content you create when you search for keywords using a search engine, is updated regularly and offers all the functionality I need.

I especially enjoy hand-coding some of the HTML in special cases when I want to create emphasis. For that purpose you can see at the top of the edit window that you have two tabs – one called Visual and the other called Code.

Visual will bring visual editiing, the so-called WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get], whereas Code will allow you to use standard HTML. The alt-tag which is normally used to define alternative text if and when an image isn’t shown isn’t allowed by WordPress at this time, but this may become available at a later time.

Keep the questions coming. You will get answers to everything you need so you can truly master your WordPress software.

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