WordPress 2.3 Will Soon Be Ready – Today’s Subject: Categories

The fact that WordPress 2.3 is in Beta 3 should be a good sign – probably that we are only a few weeks from a final release-version.

I do like the way these versions are developed because careful attention is always paid towards these updates. You should be acutely aware of this if you have remembered to take a look at your Dashboard. Stay up-to-date by paying attention to the front page when you have logged in. That is your dashboard.

Today’s Subject: Categories

If you look at the right hand side of your writting window you will begin by having a category called “uncategorized.” Feel free to add categories when you begin blogging. As you add categories they will be marked, so you should remove dashes from those categories which don’t fit what you’re writting about.

Having a lot of categories is not a sign of a lack of focus, but rather than you have expanded upon your subject. It will help your visitors greatly in finding what is most relevant for them if you use the categories field wisely.

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