PageRank Ain’t Everything

PageRank ain’t everything. CONTENT is the alpha and omega of any blog. This content needs supplementing from links and organic action. Organic action may be people adding your site to StumbleUpon or referencing from their Twitter or Facebook pages. All in all, one article can score well (because it has lots of good unique content ranking well on specific keywords, whereas the blog itself may score a zero or “n/a” as PageRank.

The whole SEO area is somewhat grey for many. They view sites based on single parameters whereas you would normally have to consider many factors to get a complete overview of how well your site performs. Many of these factors are discussed in some detail in many different forums, but the whole subject is rarely covered in one complete way.

This brings me to the logical conclusion that I could create a theme on that subject over a period of two months. Already, I am considering doing that during the months of January and February 2010. But I need your feedback to create articles that are spot on for my readers.

Therefore, this is a pre-launch in the sense of announcing a future theme, but also a request for information because I want to know what YOU need. What worries you in the area of search engine optimization? Please bring forth a comment so I know what you want me to write about. We need to get YOU into action mode so you can begin earning money online.

I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks very much beforehand. 🙂

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