Converting Articles Into Video

Converting articles into video is something some claim is the recipe for success. I would challenge this view by saying you need to focus PRIMARILY on having good content, and THEN – when you need extra elements – you can add boxes with content that BUILDS upon your message.

But a bad article won’t become any better just because it’s read aloud. I decided to expand upon that in a short video which I described in the following way on YouTube: is the blog you want to follow rather than falling for the idea that poor content converted into video would suddenly make you rich overnight. Ways of optimizing into REAL and FREE traffic are easily and readily available on my blog, so I do hope you would follow if earning money online is what you want to achieve.

Ranking high in search engines is based primarily on GOOD CONTENT. Furthermore, it’s based upon announcing it in all the RIGHT and relevant places. Then you also want to bring organic traffic to your sites, and that is based upon delivering HIGH-QUALITY, UNIQUE content to people.

Good luck.

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