Ultimate Conversion Guide

Today, I want to bring you an ultimate conversion guide. The very first step is in your hands before you’ve finished this article. It converts like crazy, and I bring it to you so you can start monetizing on your products also.

People think visually. As I’ve already said, people aren’t banner blind. Au contraire. They are very much attracted to serious graphics — not jumping stars and all that fancy stuff. Just plain and simple good stuff you can bring to the forefront of your blog and/or website.

In fact, the first big trick you’re getting today is to review your website. Find three or four products you want to feature this month, and bring them to the forefront of your website. I’ve done this with both the Preventing a Divorce e-book and the video-course, WordPress Unleashed.

But that isn’t the best in all of this. One busy man wrote me to thank me for saving his marriage. He had been disillusioned about the whole earning money online industry, and was ready to give up. My article during the weekend about marketing had inspired him to view his online business from a whole new perspective. He was now ready to take action, and he not only invested in the video-course WordPress Unleashed but also the Preventing a Divorce e-book. When he got to the chapter “Family Involvement”, it dawned upon him. “I need to get more INVOLVED with my family”….

I could easily have told him this. I know, from personal experience, that it IS important to be involved in quality time WITH your family before you EVER try to build an income online. In the beginning it DOES TAKE TIME. Don’t kid yourself by listening to gurus who tell you it can be done in minutes by signing in to their programs. Do the necessary groundwork and all become more easy later on in the process.

When you want to bring something into people’s attention, you need to bring it to the forefront of where they’re looking. Use your menu, your header or an article to BRING people to the content you want them to pay attention to. It’s a real lifesaver, as you have just seen. Saving this person’s marriage makes it even more fun. Refocusing his attention brought new inspiration for him, and THAT makes it all the more fun to be in this industry.

Carpe diem. Seize the day. 🙂

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