More Than 300 Articles

You can find more than 300 articles on this blog on the subject of earning money online. You may not have had time to read each of them, but I do hope you have chosen to peruse the categories from time to time. I have tried to service many aspects of earning money online. But I have also tried to bring very different articles on this english blog compared with the danish blog I maintain on the same subject. All these articles should motivate those who speak both languages.

I hope to have succeeded in doing this.

Occasionally I have considered trying to run a very special niche. That niche is worth thousands of dollars, and yet many fail to see the potential. They focus all their attention on english-speaking nations when there’s a whole market available for them in either French or German. Why is that?

Mainly, it’s because people are in “crisis mode”…. But what have all the wise people done? They have re-structured their businesses DURING this crisis so they are better prepared when times are good again. Why haven’t you done the same? Or, better yet, have you ALSO taken steps to re-structure YOUR business? Please do comment how your business is doing during this crisis, and take a look at if you want to start bringing in the gold from these untapped markets…

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