IM Alert: Untapped Niche Worth Millions

Most internet marketers only deal with the english-speaking markets. Imagine the untapped resources that would have been available if they also dealt with German- and French-speaking areas. You might even have a niche that could fit the Chinese market averaging some 1.2 billion people.

Why would some limit their own potential? It’s truly unbelievable. I have created a forum that will ONLY be open to 40 internet marketers who TAKE ACTION, and who are ready and willing to join in penetrating the global potential involved. You can read more about it here:

When I first joined the field of making money online, it quickly became obvious that only a handful of people dealt with the subject in Danish. Some have joined the force, but Denmark is a huge market — even enjoying the fact that many Swedes and Norwegians also understand Danish.

Likewise, French is spoken by millions of people, and it must be a form of internet marketing arrogance to believe that English is sufficient for your marketing potential. In other words: Are YOU ready to think OUTSIDE the box?

Hurry over and read more about the forum at

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