Building Trends

Are you the type of person who builds trends, or do you just follow along? Look at your browser. Whatis your starting page. For some it’s whatever was there from the beginning, and they painstakingly press F6 to go to the address line to enter the name of their favourite website. Many don’t know how to actually CHANGE their starting page, and quite a few wouldn’t listen if you told them.

You know why? Because they feel within their “comfort zone” when they can just continue doing what they’ve always done. They feel comfortable around same-procedure-as-last-year.

You shouldn’t be anyway near that!

If you want to build a SUCCESFUL online career, you MUST be a master of innovation. You MUST see trends, and build upon these. Don’t just go for passing mini-trends, but you should see CHANGES as they happen instead of just following along long after everyone else has long ago changed their behavior. You should feel INSPIRED by good changes, and should certainly make it a goal each day to change at least one thing for the better.

Not only MAJOR things, but even small details can be life-changing when done regularly. Try it. Within a few weeks you will see tremendous change when you begin to open up to the fact that you CAN learn new things.

Be inspired. Seize the day. Carpe diem. 🙂

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