Why Do People Doubt Your Motives?

It’s a good question: “Why do people doubt your motives?” Why would we humans be so skeptic when we see a good offer? We seem to think there must be something wrong with the price when it’s low. Why is that?

Have we become so accustomed to scamsters that we don’t dare believe in the best intentions from others? Have we blinded ourselves from the better motives that DO still motivate others?

The answer is yes to most of the above questions! The very question of why people doubt your motives hinges upon the fact that there ARE many out there who seek to profit from anything. If they earn 200$ from one source, the would never dare set down their prices to help others come forward because they think of PERSONAL GAIN before COMMON GAIN.

When I set up the new theme, decreased Adsense to ONE ad, yet advertise four brand-new ad opportunities for only 89$/month – see the left hand side top for information about the offer – I got a mail from a guy who doubted my motives only hours after it was set up… Why is that?

Some people will go to surprising lengths to “unravel” their form of evil in an attempt to play some form of good-cop-bad-cop instead of just focusing on IMPLEMENTING the tips I bring to you free of charge.

Why do I blog? Because I think it’s fun to share things with people all around the world. Could I have higher prices? Yes, I could. But I choose to let newbies get a chance instead of only playing with the big boys of the industry. I want the industry to change, but I also want to be a part of the change for the better, and it sometimes require we look aside from personal gain POTENTIAL and look at bringing others a chance to JOIN our team efforts in building good income online.

It ain’t a cut-one-anothers’-throat type of game, but much rather a chance to HELP one another. There’s room for everyone. Feel free to comment. What are your thoughts on other people’s skepticism? Don’t be shy… 🙂

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