There are scamsters everywhere, but I will show you in this article why it pays to get traffic the right way. Services such as TubeViews want you to pay to get viewers for your Youtube videos, post comments or generate ratings. Prices vary according to your needs, but the REAL question should be: do you need any of this?

The answer is NO!

When you create good videos with excellent content it doesn’t matter how sexy you might be, how fancy your video effects are, but what REALLY counts is that you generate REAL traffic. Real traffic comes from having a message and a mission. If you deliver top-quality content people will follow your channels, and even big gurus have movies with only very few viewers.

YouTube has their own motives for counting viewers differently. From my own website statistics it appears that a video can be played many times on your blog, but when it happens on another site than YouTube it doesn’t count towards your YouTube statistics. Knowing that can be important because otherwise statistics can be somewhat disillusioning… 🙂

I would recommend you start using Twitter to announce new videos, and include videos on your blog(s). Generate a buzz from your content and make sure you have catchy announcements to make it interesting to click your articles to expose your movies. Don’t pay to generate that traffic when you can reach interested people in your own niche for free.

Why would you want to attract visitors who might not even care about your subject? It would never convert into BUYERS anyway, so it’s artificial and worthLESS traffic. You shouldn’t pay to get low return, whereas it WOULD be more helpful to pay for links on sites that could generate real and involved people that visit your blog or website because they actually care about your area of business.

Good luck in generating traffic.

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