Are You Sincere?

A very important aspect in online marketing is your online credibility, and therefore the question of the day is indeed: “Are you sincere?” If you are interested in the etymology of the word, I highly recommend you study the Wikipedia article on sincerity as it gives good historical background for this word.

There is nothing as destructive for any brand than people who play with hidden cards. It’s called cheating when you are in a casino, and when dealing with internet marketing it can be a real deal breaker, because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

When I am asked by newcomers what should be their primary focus when earning money online, I always answer that their first focus should be on being able to watch themselves in the mirror without ever having any bad conscience over any bad deals. I am far too concerned for the well-being of others to ever recommend anything that isn’t worth the money.

I know people are often buying into dreams. They buy e-books without ever putting them to good use, and that is a shame, because when you spend time finding a good product, and get some sales, it is ALWAYS with the hope that buyers WILL put this to good use. The success of others is the best evidence that they changed their lives from something you recommended.

If you don’t feel the same, I am curious as to why you see things differently. It may be a sign that you don’t prioritize clean business – without any clay in the mixture – as highly, but there may also be other thoughts, and that might be interesting for others to read too. 🙂

I do, however, hope that you are all in business to make a positive change in society no matter where you are reading this from, and wish you all the best, hoping the numerous articles on this blog MAY have made a positive change for you and your business.

All the best. 🙂

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