Now Is the Time to Analyze How 2017 Was for You

Now would be a good time to analyze how 2017 was for you. Did you reach your goals? Did you find things you should have seen before? Don’t ever feel sorry about finding errors. It shows you are growing – and learning. What you should rather focus on is IMPROVING the things that didn’t work, so they can begin working FOR you and your earning money online potential.

Life is ever-changing, and we need to adapt as things around us change. Sometimes within days – at other times we have more time available. The important thing is never becoming static in your mindset. You MUST be dynamic if you want to be successful online!

The reason why it’s a good idea to analyze how 2017 was for you is that now would be a good time to begin preparing for 2018. Do you have product launches next year? Do you have new blogging ideas? Are you writing an e-book?

Today I want to share five important things you SHOULD do before 2018 begins. They are highly important for both traffic and your potential online income:

  • Move Your Domain(s) From http To https
  • Social Media
  • Check Your Blog Theme for Mobile Compatibility
  • Review Your Banner Ads
  • Increase Your Network

Let’s go through these one by one, so you can get the full benefit of these important points.

Move Your Domain(s) From http To https

First of all, you will most definitely want to read this article: Complete Guide – How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. It gives you a complete explanation on how to do this, and it will benefit your SEO to make this change.

When it comes to search engine optimization, you don’t want to debate with Google. Google makes conscious decisions, and you better abide by new technology and spend the few minutes it takes to make the transition, rather than procrastinating, and losing potential visitors to your blogs…

Social Media

As you all know, I left Facebook some time ago. You may still be using that network, but much more important is to remember to add a profile on both G+ and Twitter. Both are good venues for announcing new articles on your blogs, and you also get the opportunity to build a good network with both like-minded people, but also learning new things as you get inspired by what others in your network announce.

Retweeting good content from others might make them more willing to share what you have that could be valuable for their followers, so do remember that social networking is a question of sharing good karma. 🙂

Check Your Blog Theme for Mobile Compatibility

We better face the facts: more and more people are browsing the internet on their mobile units, ranging from smartphones to tablets. The days when everybody sat in front of a desktop computer are over. People do still visit websites from their laptops and stationary units, but the numbers are falling – and therefore you should focus on this if you haven’t done so long ago…

Review Your Banner Ads

If you see that some banners don’t earn you anything, it’s time to consider changing your ads. You want to optimize your income, and banner spaces that don’t bring in any money don’t deserve a spot on your website – you want to see RESULTS once you begin optimizing your business.

Increase Your Network

Increasing your network is the one big factor that can literally multiply your impact. When your content is valuable, people want to read it, and when they want to read it, they might also want to share it, bringing you even more followers into your network.

So you need to think about win-win here. When you behave well, you build up good karma, and people WILL be moved to action when you start building up a good buzz around the things you are doing.

Good luck on implementing this. Any thoughts? Leave a comment. 🙂

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