Adsense Revenue Share – Finally Revealed

The Adsense revenue share for website owners has finally been revealed. Thanks to Dr. Adsense, a.k.a. Joel Comm, I can now say that Google pays out 68% of the money generated through their AdWords system.

In other words, when Google sells ads for 1$, you get 68 cents. Google only keeps 32 cents. Which actually brings me to say this is far more positive than I ever dared to hope for. I had presumed that we only got 66% (two-thirds), so I think this is a very fair deal.

You can read Joel Comm’s blog article revealing this information by clicking the title “Google Reveals AdSense Publisher Revenue Share

You can say that Google has the advantage of keeping your income for quite some time, earning interest. In months where you don’t generate the 100$ limit necessary for a payout, they get to keep the money until you reach that 100$ limit. But instead of discussing that I would much rather lead you to resources that could BOOST your Adsense income. There are good resources you should read to improve the quality of your websites to begin generating a higher income from Google Adsense – and the last resource deals with videos about earning money online in general.

Furthermore, you also need to recognize that using your blog software – very probably WordPress – more effectively could also help you earn far more money. Many have overlooked this factor, and I think you will find that investing in the video course “WordPress Unleashed” could help boost the traffic to your blog.

The decision is easy. You MUST put the right effort into your blogging efforts. It’s not just enough to dream your way to traffic. Getting the right understanding of the WordPress blogging software options you have at your disposal can help you DEVELOP your blog.

Your blog is just as the front window of a shop. You must take good care of your shop if you want to earn money online. There is no other way if you want to build the kind of blog people will come back to time and time again.

All of us who HAVE made such an effort, and keep writing new articles regularly KNOW that it works. Now it’s your turn to get going if you want to make money online.

Today can be a new beginning for you, but you must start the process. No article can do that for you. But welcome on board. I look forward to praising you for your success when you can comment a few months from now that you have increased your income too. 🙂

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