Follow Your Plan

Follow your plan is key advice for bloggers, and if you haven’t got any plan, start building a plan for what you’re doing.

Let me explain why I write this. I have just seen a blogger who at first took a break from blogging. He was supported by his readership, took a break, and suddenly came back. He then wrote a few articles about computers, and that was fine. Now I saw he had completely sanitized all old articles (including all former guest posts). Now, content is totally different, and that is purely his decision.

If you want my definition of that type of action, I would call it “hit-and-miss” or “walking about as a headless chicken”…

If you want to change the format of your blog, one thing you COULD do is create categories for previous content rather than simply just deleting it. Furthermore, whenever you have guest blog posts on your blog, you SHOULD involve your writers in your decision making.

Once people lose valuable unique content they have written, you will never get them to write new articles for you again – and that can be quite a loss in situations where guest posts actually enhanced your blog with new insight in certain areas.

But to make a long story short: build content rather than tearing it down, and treat your readership decently. There is no way back once you have made bad choices.

PS: If you ever write guest posts on other people’s blogs, remember to keep a copy for situations where something similar happens to you. It can save you many hours when many bloggers disappear – and you might as well re-use unique content when you know you originally wrote it. 🙂

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