Earning Money Online – Easier Than Most Presume

Earning money online is easier than most people presume. When you talk about being independent most people think of opening your own shop down in the local street of your city or village. When you talk about earning money online many roll their eyes in disbelief.

Think of it for a second. Big shops like Amazon, or search engines like Yahoo and Google would never have become successes if they were started by doubters.

Doubting Thomases are all over the place. It’s easier to disbelieve what others say than to actually investigate and test things.

It doesn’t matter that I – or anyone else – tells you that you CAN earn money online. You need to start blogging or begin building your webshop to get the ball rolling. Without that INITIAL action nothing gets done – and consequently no money will be earned.

Consider for a moment the fact that in a normal physical shop you can only service your customers while you have opened your doors. That usually means 8 or 9 hours per day. With a normal shop you can hope to have customers within a 10 mile radius. Only in rare situations, like a very special restaurant, you might extend that radius. But you can still only earn money while doors are open.

On the internet there is no 10 mile radius. Your webshop can be read all over the world. Regardless of time zones, your webshop is open 24/7. You can automate the delivery of e-books or software in such a way that you don’t have to even be awake while you’re earning money online.

Worldwide scope may require multiple languages for your website, but when you’re running your website in either english, french or spanish you have a big audience. For other products arabic, indian or even chinese could do the trick.

You can get an audience that would have been impossible to reach for “normal” people without any million dollar budgets for advertising. All you need is right at your fingertips…

So why would anyone claim it should be difficult when you now know that earning money online is easier than most presume?

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