Where You Want to Go – Part 3

What Has Worked Well for You?
Focus on your strong points. What could you use for your coming niche? What might be useful for your blog readers and future clients?

Would you be able to write an e-book about your successes?

Very often we fail to focus on strong points, and consequently we lose a unique chance to brand our names.

My personal strong point is banner ads. I discovered long ago that banner ads paid way better than ONLY Adsense ads on some sites. I had seen earnings between 1-5 cents per click, and suddenly even pay per view ads showing ads on my site paying per impression began earning double the earnings from Adsense. I built an e-book in Danish, and many were inspired by this.

The logical thing that everyone could see was that numerous sites showed banner ads. Advertisers would never pay for this if people were banner blind – so that myth has long ago been busted.

Similarly, I discovered big success in writing text for others. Search engine optimized and ready for others to publish, this created a super chance of earning money by writing in little niche oriented businesses. I didn’t even have to use my name to begin earning about 70-120$ per hour depending upon the niche and requirements per article. It’s fun to do, occasionally.

Such assignments should only be taken as long as you think it’s fun. When you write on your own blog, your article may end up earning you much more. But since any blog only relates to some narrow subjects, your article writing can be “outside the box” for specific assignments that you might not be interested in writing 100 articles about – but doing 15-20 of them can bring in some fast cash.

All of the above requires an online presence. Think begin small, but as people see the quality you deliver, you get more customers.

Stay tuned for more on the subject of where you want to go.

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