Where You Want to Go – Part 4

What Has Worked Less Than Perfectly?
Yesterday, we focused on what has worked well. That is one thing.

Today, we are going to focus on what has worked less than perfectly.

Have you learned anything from those failures?

Have you found alternative ideas instead of those that didn’t work?

For my own part I once published a newsletter about Linux. A couple of years before Linux was really discussed in Denmark. I was TOO early with my idea, and subsequently I never got either the advertisers or the number of readers to make it any fun.

But I also learned one important lesson.

I should NEVER have given up because the niche did become much hotter, and Linux did establish itself as an operating system for everyone. Almost a full year after I discontinued my newsletter, one of the major IT magazines began publishing information about Linux. That could have been a major chance to build great backlinks in commenting many of these articles.

So I frankly admit I committed one of the only things one should never do. Giving up is a coward’s act – and admitting it, and learning from it is important so you don’t ever repeat it.

What have you learned during this first part of this blog series? I hope you have been inspired. Stay tuned. 🙂

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