Where You Want to Go – Part 2

Are You Making Money Online Now?
I hope you were inspired by part 1. Today we will be looking at whether you have actually begun making money online.

If not, you need to consider this: think about all the big online businesses you know. Think of Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Twitter, Facebook and many others.


You may have small beginnings now. Nothing wrong with that.

Being inspired toward growth requires that you believe in your project ahead of you. You can’t be succesful if you don’t believe in your idea. You would be better off working at your local grocery as a store assistant for a fixed salary. You would know what comes in every month, and you are free from even considering ever becoming GREAT.

So let’s drop all the skepticism. Let’s get INVOLVED. Your part in this is to write a comment about what inspires you as I move along. Stay tuned as the introduction is continued monday morning.

Have a nice weekend.
The series continues on monday morning. 🙂

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