How to Earn Money by Sparing 5 Minutes a Day

Five minutes spared each day is over half an hour per week. Half an hour per week amounts to over two hours per month. Given the fact that we have 12 months in the roman calendar, it’s safe to say you can add over 20 hours to your calendar per year by saving as little as 5 minutes each day.

It doesn’t sound like much, but saving 5 minutes each day can be very beneficial in the long term. Not only can you save quite a bit of time by updating your mail filtering and general business habits, but you can open yourself to even bigger change by initiating some of the smaller areas of your life.

We don’t think 5 minutes may be all that important. After all, many of us waste much more time waiting for busses, trains, metros, flights etc.But if you begin good habits you will soon discover that you get more energy for the creative aspects of your job.

Large companies have calculated that time wasted and sick leaves are the two biggest players in getting a more effective organization. When you can cut people’s sick days by even just ten to twenty percent you end up getting lots of free resources that can be spent for fun activities and extra production results. Very often important orders are lost when customers send an order through e-mail to an account which isn’t checked regularly. On sick leave, or during vacations, this can end up costing your company quite a bit of business.

The same can be said in your personal business – and even in your private lives. When you begin finding better ways of working and dealing with friends and family, you find more time for the tedious tasks. Don’t wait for the dishwasher to finish, but start making your tea instead. Go clean that room by taking just one or two shelves. Before you think of it, you end up becoming far more productive because you chose to take little steps in the right direction.

Automatisation is something that saves quite a bit of time because some tasks can be handled automatically by computers. But even manual jobs can be handled in a much better way. When you think of it, both you and your employer deserve the best from you – they pay you for doing so. In a similar way you should consider every second you invest in your online business the same investment.

Time that is wasted won’t ever come back to you. “Business before pleasure” is a wise principle used by all people who have reached succesful levels with their businesses. They can enjoy the fruit of their labor after they have done the work needed. You won’t find any lazy people worrying about time wasted, but those with drive and energy should realize we only get 24 hours each day. Those hours consist of 3,600 seconds, and every time you think before you act is a situation where you have a chance to get better results than those who don’t care about this important principle.

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