Podcasts — An Ideal Way to Make Money

For people who enjoy to speak more than writing it could be an ideal way to make money through podcasts. Little episodes of web radio you can record from your own home, and which bring in lots of traffic. Learning how to master this media could indeed bring a tremendous amount of traffic to your website.

Podcasting has become a very popular format. Since the arrival og the iPod and other media players it has become very trendy to listen to newscasts and various forms of podcasts. In Denmark we have a growing number of people who have become rather well-known from establishing their own little radio stations featuring podcasts on various subjects.

In one instance an entrepreneur has several hundred listeners who follow his talkshow, and many others have indeed found it very profitable to create these little soundbites about specific subjects. You don’t need any cameras or expensive setups. All you need is a microphone and some form of internet access so you can upload your podcast once it’s finished.

Build Your Own Podcast Blog
You need to prepare yourself well before you have your first podcast ready. I have written an article entitled “Voice Online – Are You Using the Best Voice Online?” which can help you prepare for your first podcast.

Once you have recorded your first podcast you will find that subsequent podcasts will be much easier. The best thing you can do with podcasts is to be unique. Make a statement that shows who you are. This is the best form of branding as it enables your listeners to know who’s behind the name.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be controversial just to fight with your audience, but having some clear opinions can help your podcasting blog attract some good comments. When you have given people food for thought you will be able to influence more people as they will be more attentive towards your messages.

Likewise, bringing traffic to your podcasting blog can be a challenge for many, but there are several ways:

  1. Announcing new podcasts on Usenet
  2. Announcing new podcasts on your Twitter and Facebook profiles
  3. Mentioning a link to your pocasts in forum signatures
  4. In comments you make, you can elaborate on your comment by referring to relevant episodes on your blog

Perhaps you have extra ideas as to how you can match your niche. Feel welcome to bring these forth in the comments box below.

I hope to have inspired you to see the main reason for starting to record podcasts: traffic. Once you have traffic you can monetize it, and to learn more about that you might want to read my article entitled: “Earn Money Without Selling a Product here on EzineArticles.com.

Good luck with your podcasts.

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