How to Earn Money — Not Spend it

Very few people need to learn how to spend money. That talent seems global in light of all the financial difficulties people experience. In this article we will focus on earning money, and if you combine it with good financial stewardship, an increase in your income can be used to increase your savings. That would be the best way to proceed towards financial freedom.

Financial stewardship should be something you learned about in school. Mathematics could easily be combined with words of wisdom pointing to the fact that every time you earn a dollar you should only spend up to 99c. When you only spend maybe 75 or 80 cents for every dollar earned you have the ability to create a savings account – leading either to a better vacation next year, or maybe even a pension fund, or having just those extra couple of thousand dollars when an electric system turns bad.

Many people don’t see that, and in much the same way many have lost the knowledge of how to earn money. They think it’s only possible to earn money by taking an extra job or becoming a cashier at the local drug store. These are not your only options.

The best way to earn money is by saving first. By building good financial habits you will be better able to handle the situation when you begin earning more money. Earning more money will by itself only cause you to increase your spending – and every single American can surely attest to that fact. Debts are deadlocking people into virtual slavery because they couldn’t do the simple mathematics I introduced in this article.

If you want to become financially free and responsible you need to take your personal finances very seriously. It is the single most important factor when you should land in a situation where your bank can estimate whether to lend you money for a new home. When they can see you have sound spending habits they will be far more likely to help you in situations where others would be turned down.

Now You’re Ready to Learn How to Earn Money
Once you have taken all of the above to heart you can begin to learn how to earn more money. There are several methods you can use:

  • Start a blog featuring Google Adsense and banner ads
  • Sell affiliate marketing products
  • Earn money by expanding your business

Starting The Blog
When you start a blog you can begin earning money from Google Adsense and banner ads that are shown each time your blog articles are read. Depending on the number of visitors, and your niche, you can actually begin to earn a decent amount of money when you write good content that entices people to follow your blog through RSS.

Selling Affiliate Marketing Products
Selling affilate marketing products can be done through ClickBank and Rapid Action Profit Bank. When you present people with relevant ebooks and software that fit your niche, you can begin earning a considerable amount of money.

Earning Money by Expanding Your Business
This one trick is one of the most unused – and untapped – niches. When you do translations between English and French and English and German, you are normally only focused on these languages. What you should be doing is getting contacts that can handle Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. When you get questions about such languages you pass on your client to these people. You share your business.

“Why would you do that?” you may be thinking. Because when you share your clients with others, they will share their clients with you. It’s a win-win situation for all involved and can increase your business quite considerably because you get in touch with new prospects without having to do any expensive PR.

In Conclusion
So the way to go is to expand your business – either by turning a hobby into a monetized blog, or by expanding your existing business to fit a much wider audience. You can earn more money, but you must be willing to realize that there is a Law of Attraction and principles about good karma that bring blessings to those willing to share instead of thinking you can expand if you have a closed mind. The best methods have been presented to you, but the question is: Are you ready to earn more money? Don’t be scared of success. It comes to all who turn lemons into lemonade.

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