Article Databases — Not Half Bad

There are several reasons why article databases aren’t half as bad as some people believe. Primarily you get exposed far more than only on your own blog. Furthermore you also get the advantage of being able to write 5 to 10 articles about a specific subject without needing to create a separate blog for your content.

There are actually two places I would recommend for you if you want to brand your name online, and they are:

  1. EzineArticles
  2. HubPages

I would like to describe both places for you so you can consider if this could be just right for you and your creative pen.


EzineArticles can sometimes be a BIT slow in approving your articles, but on the other hand they have many categories and is a site with a lot of visitors looking for quality information.

Your name will be well exposed if you remember to put a good title to your article. When people search for specific key words that match your articles, you will find that EzineArticles scores quite well. Not every single time, but neither does your own blog — yet.

I had a very positive surprise a couple of weeks ago when I received a pen with some papers on which I could list Top 10 Ideas for New Articles from EzineArticles. For free. It is very inspiring to use when you get new article ideas.

So beyond spreading your name across the internet, getting solid backlinks, you also get little surprises from time to time. During the holiday season it was a coffee mug etc.

For content where you want to show your abilities as a writer,EzineArticles is the place to check out. You can visit the EzineArticles website by clicking the blue link.

[Update 14/05-2018: I have removed my articles on EzineArticles after I discovered that their no-follow tags destroyed my SEO. Nevertheless, you can still use article databases to test new niches, but be mindful of how you link. You may want to link to your social media profile rather than your own website.


HubPages deals with almost the same thing, but you have a bit more control as to design of your articles. I have created 16 different hubs, which you can see right here:

On HubPages you work with your content using templates which you can adapt for your content. You can decide whether an image should fill the entire text area, or whether you want text to float around your graphics. You can decide where to put the Comments field and even decide how many ads you want to appear on your page.

There is also a possibility of defining whether your HubPage can be considered a commercial page. All of this to fine tune how your page will appear once it’s published. This is an excellent system if you have content that requires more than pure text.

You can check Hubpages yourself by clicking this link to the HubPages website.

Concluding Words

For articles that contain pure text, I would recommend you check article databases, while it would be a good idea to take a look at HubPages if you need to integrate extra elements beyond text.

Happy writing. 🙂

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