Good Moral Standards

I just saw a video from a guy who brags a 50% CTR and 12% conversion rate by advertising on Google for Gmail. In it, he “revealed” how he targetted the key words “he wants a divorce” to sell 100 tips on how to save your marriage, indicating it would be highly targetted for those hit by a spouse wanting a divorce…

What’s your take on that?

Personally, I find it unnecessary to target such words. If people search on Google, they can no doubt find the e-book “Preventing a Divorce” that I sell for a super low price of $9.95. If you need it, buy it. It’s worth far more when you succeed. But if you’re in a happy marriage, why should you buy it? No need to do that.

I won’t ever earn money by targetting key words, and buying my shirt off in Google Adwords. If I do my SEO properly, you should be able to find my products, and if I don’t the only one I can blame is myself.

I know some are earning tons of cash by playing both the conversion games and selling related products by upsells connected to their pages hit by low paying key words, but it’s a game I have always talked AGAINST, and I stand by my opinion.

Look at it like this: do you bring money to your jobplace? Do you PAY to go to work?

Ridiculous questions, you think?

Far from it. When you pay to get traffic, you’re being lazy. When you offer high quality traffic on your blogs, websites, sales letters, Tweets and on Facebook, you’re INTERACTING with people. By sharing, you bring value to people, and that brings its own major benefits.

So my take on all of this is you should never begin gambling to make a living online. If you can’t write well, use pod- or videocasts, but don’t ever fall for high promises that never cash in. Before I leave you with that thought, remember why they ALWAYS put in earning disclaimers

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