Don’t Delete Comments

Don’t delete comments from your regular readers. If you have accepted a person’s comments, you will want to consider giving a reply rather than just deleting that person’s comments.

Please don’t misunderstand. When a comment is plain noise, I fully understand you need to keep your blog clean. In Denmark a blogger is responsible for content he/she allows on any blog. But when a reader comment is somewhat critical of something you have said or done, you need to learn to listen to the kind of feedback you get.

If you don’t, you’re gonna lose your traffic. That’s guaranteed!

Therefore, you must realize that a critical blog comment is a brave comment. Another 99% may already have left your blog thinking EXACTLY the same as what was written by the one reader that made an effort to make known unto you what he/she thought about your article, videocast or podcast.

If you fail to listen to constructive criticism you’re showing arrogance towards your audience, and that is penalized in one of the worst of ways: when people no longer feel you’re credible, they simply stop visiting your blog.

So wise up during this New Year period, and learn to take constructive criticism. I can promise you that you will grow immensely when you learn to listen to your audience.

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