A Decade Running Out…

I just realized it yesterday, but today is actually a decade running out. We are ending the 200X-years when today runs out. We will be starting the second decade of the 21st century.

The internet as we know it is very young when compared with other media. Newspapers have been around for literally centuries. Television has been around for over half a century, radio even longer. Some things never change, but the internet sure does.

Let’s take an example. You create an e-book. As a gift to buyers you offer them Resale Rights. First big mistake!

“Why?” you might think.

Simply because now an avalanche of people may buy your e-book. That COULD have been a good thing. But they’re greedy, so even though you suggest they MAINTAIN the same price, they’re going to dump prices — and some may even offer others to download your e-book for FREE to build their lists.

I am not kidding about this!

You will lose money in the process, so please be attentive for a few moments as I explain what you CAN do about all of this.

You SHOULD set up an affiliate system that offers people either a commission or a cut on every second or third sale instead of gíving people all the building blocks.

Imagine this: first, you create a brand-new e-book about a good subject you have chosen. Secondly, you create a super sales letter that sells well. But, thirdly, some minion goes out and resells at a lower price (or even for free)….

What do you think happens to your sales numbers when the product is checked out on Google (or Bing)? They will chose the product at a lower price, and you stop selling your product.

So if you’ve ever wondered what happened to your sales numbers, you should wake up to one very scary element in the way the internet has developed.

People are literally ROBBING you of what you deserve. You COULD become succesful with an excellent product, but your good will (and some would even say naïvete) is going to be the one thing that DESTROYS you.

So the internet marketing business is bound to change quite a bit when people discover this truth. I hope YOU listen, because there’s lots of money to be earned from avoiding such minions and leeches. You have worked hard to create a decent product, so why let others steal the value of your products?

So, keep your business up, and stay alert. You can enter the second decade much wiser. Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

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