You May Quote Me

“You may quote me” is my reply to the question: “Can I quote your article on my blog”, but there are requirements for quoting me. I expect you to give proper credit as to where you found the article. I always write all articles personally, and therefore my articles ARE unique. I can trace all my content anywhere on the internet, and subsequently quoting me without paying proper tribute in the form of a return link could become expensive.

At the very least, I expect the following text:

This article was written by Henrik Blunck, and found on his Earning Money Online blog

If you want to copy and paste the code, you can right-click with your mouse, and find the code in the source code that appears. It’s easy to copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) into the article at the bottom, which is the normal place to insert this tribute for quoting. But you may also choose to quote me and insert it at the top. It could be useful to use the hr-code to insert a line before the article, but that is a question of personal taste, and you may quote me any way you like as long as proper source IS mentioned.

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