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Comments are welcome on any blog. It shows that there are readers out there who want to get involved with your blog. Getting them activated can be quite a challenge. Some have tried prizing people with a free e-book in exchange for comments, others have introduced giveaways or competitions with a specific prize.

Sometimes, that challenge can be a real pain in the backside, and everybody knows it. :-)

You don’t want spammers, so Akismet should obviously guard you from worthless spam. But even the shortest comments can sometimes spark inspiration for new articles, and therefore comments are welcome, even on this blog.

Regular readers will have noticed that I don’t write anywhere near as regularly as other bloggers on this blog. I have dealt with online income for years, and the subject can get quite boring at times. So many things are old hat. So much trash out there, and you don’t really want to spend time on the industry when there really isn’t all that much quality being released at this time.

So, the lack of new material is not a sign that the blog is discontinued, but much rather a sign of quality. I won’t recommend anything you can’t use, but I welcome your comment if you have something inspirational you want to share. :-)

No One Ever Claimed It Was Easy – Unless They Lied…

Truth be told, no one ever claimed it was easy to earn money online – unless they lied to you. Some things require time, it requires stamina.

Regular readers will remember the illustration that shows that some give up just before they strike gold, whereas the people who have patience will stick with it until they hit that gold mine.

Your content is king. The blog you write is your investment in your future. Now, coming to the end of the year 2014, it’s time to check whether you have reached your goals, and also what you can learn from your activities during the year.

For me, this year has been an eye-opener. You can only focus so much on money. There are more important things than ‘just’ money… :-)

The funny part is that results come when you’re not desperate, and maybe that is the lesson you should bring with you into the new year when we celebrate New Year’s eve in just over a week.

First of all, I want to wish you all a very merry X-mas, and hope you will gain lots of wisdom from articles as they will appear during the year 2015. See you on the other side. :-)

Listbuilding – Often Overlooked Pitfalls

When it comes to listbuilding, there are some often overlooked pitfalls that a lot of internet marketers have really screwed up. They want you to think they are telling you how you can earn money online, but if you fall into some of their pitfalls, you’re doomed to fail.

Before you read on, let me warn you. It’s a real eye-opener. If you are easily offended by the truth, you better move on. I’m going to tell it exactly like I see it, and you can save yourself a lot of misery by taking heed of this advice.

Let’s begin. :-)

These 5 overlooked pitfalls should be avoided:

  • Sending out too many e-mails
  • Lying to your list
  • Offending people
  • Recommending lousy products
  • Failing to prune that list

Don’t Ever Send Out Too Many E-mails!
If you want people to buy from you, you should be careful never to spam your list. If you constantly focus on having a valuable message BEFORE you hit that Send-button, you will quite naturally only be sending out e-mails that you would appreciate receiving yourself.

You need to put yourself in your recipient’s position. If your message is valuable, send it. If it isn’t, you will lose potential customers. And if you never prune your list, you will end up sending out e-mails to a lot of people who quite simply stopped reading your e-mails a long time ago. Many don’t bother hitting Unsubscribe because they may have had bad experiences with unsubscribe links being used to harvest e-mails.

Again, if you put yourself in the shoes of your audience, you would appreciate this, and act accordingly…

Don’t Ever Lie to Your List
There should be credibility in your name. If people don’t TRUST you, they’re not going to buy from you. Period.

If you recommend something that isn’t top-quality, or you lie about the results you have achieved, people will never trust you again. Once they’re disappointed, they won’t come back.

The same is practiced by yourself. You don’t go back to a grocery shop once you discover their quality isn’t good enough, do you?

Don’t Offend Your Audience
Your list isn’t interested in your political, religious or ethnic background. Your audience is interested in your positive stories. They should be motivated by e-mails from your pen.

Just as in your local supermarket. If they started playing violin concerts over their speaker systems, you would quickly feel uncomfortable in shopping there. Similarly, if the shop owner is in a bad mood constantly, you will want to do business elsewhere.

Don’t Recommend Lousy Products
If a product isn’t worth the money, don’t ever be tempted by recommending it, just because there would be a decent income from recommending it. Your credibility is in the balance – and you should always check out any product before recommending it.

Don’t Forget to Prune Your List
Some people forget this, but it isn’t worth sending out e-mails to a large list if your audience isn’t responsive towards the offers you bring them. You would rather focus on a QUALIFIED and top-responsive list.

How Do I Proceed? You May Be Thinking…
If this article has sparked your interest, you will want to read my e-book Grab That Cash because it will tell you what type of list you don’t ever want to miss.

Good luck in building your list, pruning it like any beautiful garden, and reaping the fruits of your faithful and dedicated focus. You will be happy you did so before your competitors.

WordPress 4.0 Soon Ready

Now that a week has passed since WordPress 4.0 went into beta 4, my gut feeling was that today, this version would be released. There is still time left for that to happen, but all bloggers will want to stay tuned and alert so they take full advantage of new features once this version is finally released.

Remember, that you can always stay informed by visiting the WordPress blog over at http://wordpress.org/news/.

I always find it rather fun to think back to the fact that at first I was late in starting up a blog, and now that I got started over half a decade ago, I can today witness the second major version number addition. When I started, WordPress was running in the 2.x.x framework…

So time flies when you’re having fun. :-)

Five Months Left of 2014

As we start the month of August, there are now only five months left of the year 2014. Have you taken my last article to heart? Did you start pushing yourself ahead? Did you achieve some good results, or did you begin looking at banner ads from a new perspective now that I brought bringing your plans to life at the forefront of your attention?

Share what worked in the comments field. Remember that it IS an important aspect in linkbuilding that you comment, share your thoughts, and begin getting involved in new markets if you want to expand your field of business.

Let August be the beginning of your walk towards success. Start reading the articles I share with all of you, dear readers, from this new – and uplifting – perspective, and you will start seeing results you never though possible.

Best of luck out there, whereever you are. :-)

Do You Push Yourself Ahead?

Sometimes, in fact for some very often, we forget to push ourselves ahead. We are so good at motivating and inspiring others, and yet we forget ourselves.

It’s a rather strange tendency. We are so good at serving ourselves a treat and when there is something in it for ourselves.

The missing link is realizing we need to make the extra effort, even while we are comfortable with status quo.

I can give you an example.

Back in the days when Google Adsense was optimized on my sites, I really began earning decent money. I also spent quite a bit on re-investing in knowledge for blog readers, but life was starting to get pretty comfortable.

When Google blocked my account, even though I had done NOTHING wrong, I did change my focus. But not nearly as much as I could have done. The benefit of hindsight is that we see things much more clearly afterwards.

But we should turn things around, and never lose sight of the GOAL ahead. And that goal has to move AHEAD constantly as we reach each milestone ahead on the road towards success.

But it’s so easy to settle for status quo. Too easy. The best thing you can do is ADMIT it, and move ahead. So push yourself ahead before you forget…

Using Modern Techniques to Build an Online Business

Creating a website often is not enough to get an online business started. The owner must attract plenty of visitors and make sure that people who visit the site buy something or engage with the business so that the owner can make a profit. Even as business owners have the savvy to order inventory or offer services, they may be unsure of how to get people to click on their site. When they utilize options like search engine optimization services BlueHat Marketing and other similar contractors could be ready to partner with these online entrepreneurs.

Partnering with one of these services can be essential in several ways. First, an online business owner might want to network with people through social media sites. However, given this person’s daily obligations, he or she might be unable to maintain the necessary accounts. This kind of service could maintain the social media pages and keep customers engaged in a way that benefits the business.

Likewise, business owners might realize that they need exciting website components like video marketing and other lures to entice customers to visit. However, when they are unsure of how to create videos or use keywords to their advantage, they can partner with this kind of service to ensure that these links are available for customers. Building a business online goes beyond creating a website. People must often maintain it and make sure that it is noticeable in a search engine. This partnership can increase a business’s visibility and attract visitors.

BlueHatMarketing – SEO services that work for you

Why is SEO Important to All Companies?

SEO services can be a wonderful tool for companies of all sizes to use. Understanding how SEO works and why it is important for any company can enable a business to increase its market reach, find new customers both locally, nationally and globally while also helping to make a company stand out to customers.

In addition to creating great content for websites, it is important to use social media sites to get the word out to customers. With proper optimization strategies, it may be possible to use a social media page to get a high rank with search engines for keywords that the company is looking to target.

Quality content is content that is going to be shared by others and create a buzz for a brand or one of that brand’s products. As more people share content through social media, link to content in blogs and send emails with links to content, it enables a company to get the word out to as many people as possible with or without a large marketing budget.

When a company can attract a customer without having to spend money doing so, it can allow that company to make a larger profit. When a company makes a larger profit, it can reinvest that money into its people and to making better products or offering better services to customers.

Upgrading Your Blogging Software

Upgrading Your Blogging Software
By Henrik V Blunck

Upgrading your blogging software is a very important part of administering a blog. You get new features with every update, and security issues are also corrected with every new release. Usually, you will find that updating is done easily and directly from the control panel of your blogging software.

WordPress has implemented this since their 3.0 release – and Drupal and Joomla also have this included with their updates.

The best part about upgrades is that they are free. So you don’t have to worry about costs of updates influencing your budget. This is due to large test audiences that help developers in ensuring that updates work before they are released.

The one thing you need to pay attention to, if you are running your blog on older web hosts is whether your versions of PHP and MySQL are compatible with new releases. Your web host can help you with such issues by upgrading their PHP-software, but usually most webservers will have adequate PHP running automatically.

The main issues involved with upgrading blogging software is security. There are always people out there who are looking for ways to sabotage the efforts bloggers make. If you are involved in political debates or other controversial subjects, you need to pay special attention to this. Furthermore, regular backups of your articles could safeguard you from losing article content.

Everyone thinks this would rarely happen to them, but if it does you may lose quite a bit of valuable time. Consider that if you have written several hundred articles, then it adds up to many hours, even if writing comes naturally to you. Therefore it is highly important you remember both updating your blogging software and backing up your content.

Also, from a SEO perspective, having the latest blogging software is important in showing you keep your blog up to date and functional. An updated blog is a living blog, so from that perspective it is an issue to be remembered.

With every update there is also the issue of older plugins. These may require upgrading too. You will normally be reminded of this from your control panel. But having an open eye towards this also ensures you have optimal functionality on your blog.

Remember that people will be more likely to comment and use your blog when they can see you are making an effort to keep everything fresh. And in the long run you will enjoy a better working blog since all of this is shown to you every time you log in to write another blog article.

I thank you for reading this article. You will benefit from checking out my blog on earning money online over at http://www.blunck.dk/earning-money-online which also deals with blogging, writing and numerous other topics relating to living from good use of your pen.

Furthermore, you can find me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/henrikblunck

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Henrik_V_Blunck

5 Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today

5 Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today
By Henrik V Blunck

When you have built a website you obviously want readers to read what you share on your website. Traffic generation is easy once you know the right tools. Here are the 5 top traffic generation tips you can use right now to generate new traffic:

  • Social media
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Comments on blogs
  • Participation on Usenet, a.k.a. Newsgroups
  • Internal linking to useful articles

Social Media

Social media gives you a unique chance to share links with a lot of people with a minimum of effort. Once you have written a new article on your blog you can share this with Facebook friends or Twitter followers. When you have created a new page on your website you can announce this on Google+.

Search engines love social media. Once you create a buzz around your activities people start sharing and retweeting, and you generate an even bigger audience of relevant visitors since the people who share or retweet are interested in the same things you are.

The better the content you create, the more it will be shared by others, and you will see traffic exploding as people begin to notice you.

Videos On YouTube

Videos should be introduced with a link on YouTube so people know where to get more information about the person behind the video. Not only will you see a lot of people clicking such a link, but search engines also pay attention to what you write about the video you are uploading to YouTube.

Comments On Blogs

Commenting on blogs is a very useful way to get new visitors. You should obviously never spam blogs. But when you do have useful feedback that adds value to the debate, you should write a useful comment that will show others you know your niche. This is highly useful in getting new readers since you thereby add the audience of competitors to your batch of regular readers.

Participation On Usenet, a.k.a. Newsgroups

Usenet is useful for your blogs because you are allowed to put links in your signature, thus adding your websites to search engines that crawl the Usenet. Newsgroups are characterized by highly specialized niche oriented geeks that know their niches quite well, so articles written in newsgroups are usually very interesting for web crawlers to pay attention towards.

Internal Linking to Useful Articles

When you write blog articles you obviously don’t want to repeat yourself, so linking to previous articles you have written can be a useful way to link to content that might otherwise escape people’s attention because you may have written it a couple of years ago. By linking to it, you ensure that new visitors can still be served with relevant content through your link.


If you implement these 5 tips you will be boosting your traffic, and I can ensure you this will become an almost automatic thing for you once you remember to use them regularly.

I thank you for reading this article. You will benefit from checking out my blog on earning money online over at http://www.blunck.dk/earning-money-online which also deals with blogging, writing and numerous other topics relating to living from good use of your pen. Furthermore, you can find me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/henrikblunck

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Henrik_V_Blunck