Don’t Ever Bore Your Audience

I have some good advice for everyone wanting to do online business today: Don’t ever bore your audience.

It sounds so fundamental, but many fail in providing their messages in a short and easy to understand manner. We want to explain everything, and before we realize it, we end up wasting other people’s time by writing the obvious.

You can change that tendency!

You can become the starting point of a new evolution. Be short and precise in your descriptions. If you need to make longer explanations, you can make good use of subheadings to divide your message into smaller bits that are easier to peruse for readers.

Let’s take a practical example. You want to explain internet marketing, and you want to bring in all the following elements into your article:

  1. Information products
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Landing pages
  4. WordPress themes
  5. Payment systems

There is nothing wrong with wanting to explain all five elements into one article, but you need to take a careful look at your subject. A subject as big as landing pages or information products could easily require an article by themselves…

You have two options:

One would be to divide your main article into one page and linking to further information about each subject in seperate articles.
Another would be to divide your one article into five subheadings, and subsequently round it all off with a conclusion that ties it all together.

Which method you prefer can depend upon your audience, but also upon your ability to state your ideas in a straightforward way. If you CAN be short and precise one long article could be fine. But you should divide up the article to avoid being boring.

If you’re writing to a person that knows everything about both Adsense and payment systems, reading becomes boring for that person in certain passages. If your readers can jump past what they know they can focus on getting new information.

You win both ways. Nobody needs to read everything you write. But if you ever bore your audience you lose people. They won’t come back to your blog if they feel bored.

Worth remembering, I should think. 🙂

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