Don’t Put All Eggs Into One Basket – Part 2

In continuation of my original article “Don’t Put All Eggs Into One Basket” from February 15th 2009 I thought I would add a few comments to the subject to update all of you on results found.

I had one day when Adsense earned 0.01$ from 1 small click. I won’t begin to mention how many actual pageviews I had, but let me say it was under 5% of an average number of clicks for any day of the week. In other words, a crappy day.

Happily, I practice what I preach so I didn’t put all eggs into one basket. I have seen many who have become immune towards the ads shown. Apparently a result of overly creative targetting for cheap keywords. Some have begun to create AdWords ads that are somewhat related to the subject at hand, but still targetted for cheaper words in such a manner that you get FAR LESS revenue from your blogging.

Add to this the fact that you can’t even use any target=”_blank” in your coding, so you’re actually losing the visitor for a few cents. Very POOR business if you know you provide quality content. Again, I want to remind everyone that I have written on the subject of banner ads. That e-book was in Danish. Do we have enough interested people out there so that a translation could be sensible? Please do add your comment if you could be interested in reading 21 pages of high quality material about earning money on banner ads. The price was 7€ in Danish which corresponds to about US.$.9.75. Would that be something YOU need to increase your online income?

Keep the comments coming so I know whether to proceed with a translation for you. 🙂

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